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Analysis Situs

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Debug your B-Rep

Analysis Situs is open-source, extensible software that assists in the development of CAD geometric algorithms based on Boundary Representation (B-Rep) data structures. The software is coupled with OpenCascade library which is an open-source geometric modeling kernel offering a broad range of modeling operators for the development of multipurpose CAD systems and utilities. Analysis Situs serves as a framework for constructing geometric modeling algorithms. Additionally, Analysis Situs offers some advanced facilities for inspection of geometric and topological structures of existing CAD parts (hence the name "Analysis Situs") which can be imported from any popular CAD system.


Download Analysis Situs v0.4.1 161 for Windows 10, x64 (ver.0.4.1 fixes unnoticed problem with missing tbb.dll in ver.0.4.0 on running, so I remove 0.4.0 from the list).

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Old versions:

Download Analysis Situs v0.3.2dev 111 for Windows 10, x64.

Download Analysis Situs v0.3.1dev 100 for Windows 10, x64.

Download Analysis Situs v0.3.0dev 78 Windows 10, x64.

Download Analysis Situs v0.2.7dev 50 Windows 10, x64.

Download Analysis Situs v0.2.6dev 52 Windows 10, x64.

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