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"Black box" HLR

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That's just a little thing I wanted to share because it's so much fun. A few months ago, we published the "HLR comparative study" in which we learned how OpenCascade's drawing projections performed in comparison to commercial parties: poorly, to put it politely. However, avoiding HLR is not an option since we have nothing better. HLR projections are required to create technical drawings, and it is generally acceptable if they are not perfect. We can forgive some missing lines and gaps, as well as minor misplaced contours, as long as they do not cause too much confusion for a human engineer. To test HLR, the final drawing can be used. However, I wanted a quick way to evaluate the outcome of projection in all principal views, so this is what I came up with.

In Analysis Situs, press "B" (box) or "Alt + B" to create HLR views in all projection planes and position them close to the part. Essentially, these views are pinned to the sides of a bounding box, making them easy to inspect.

  • <B>: precise HLR box.

  • <Alt> + <B>: discrete HLR box (order of magnitude faster but less precise).

The feature is already on master, and it will be released in ver.2024.2.

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