Manifold Geometry // Многообразная Геометрия

The 1st of December

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That's a special day for those who graduated from Lobachevsky University's applied math and cybernetics faculty. And twice special to me as this day I stopped working for OPEN CASCADE after the twelve years spent there. Thanks to all my colleagues who made the company what it has been for decades: a decent service provider with a truly engineering DNA. Working for OCC was a valuable experience.

I have always been skeptical about the programming profession per se: what's the hell a freaky business to spent time on things that do not apply to reality (?) and persist solely in digits? Fortunately, in companies like OCC, you do not do "software development" for the sake of better software. You instead develop software for better engineering, and that is more fun. But all stories come to an end, so does mine.

Back then we released on CDs.

Here is a note for the regular readers: no worries. I'm still attached to the OpenCascade as a kernel and to open source as a lifestyle. I still believe that this kernel rocks, and I'm not going to sell my soul to the devil (unless he pays enough). We will have a lot of fun with all this, and we'll bring it to the next level, I hope. Congrats on the first winter day to everybody who's reading this. It feels like the right time to reboot.