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Iterating files with OpenCascade

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In the OpenCascade ecosystem, it's pretty handy to rely upon what's called OSD or Operating System Dependent package. This brief blog post is aimed to highlight one technique for working with a filesystem at the lower level without the employment of additional dependencies in software based on OpenCascade.

"OpenCascade ecosystem" is probably a bit voluntaristic phrase aimed to emphasize the central role that the OpenCascade library holds in the open-source CAD field. In Analysis Situs, we ground the feature recognition framework on top of it. Likewise, a tremendous number of software packages (both applications and derived libs) are based on different tools from this library.

Here is a code snippet to iterate all files having "tcl" extension in a specific "dir" directory:

OSD_Path path(dir);
for ( OSD_FileIterator fi(path, "*.tcl"); fi.More(); fi.Next() )
  OSD_Path filePath;
  TCollection_AsciiString filename;
  filename = dir + "/" + filename;
  std::cout << filename.ToCString() << std::endl;

The advantage of this approach is that you do not need anything but the pure OpenCascade library that you're presumably already using. Personally, I employ this simple technique to execute all Tcl scenarios for the purpose of unit testing.

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