Manifold Geometry // Многообразная Геометрия

Analysis Situs 0.3.1 is out

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Here is the changelog:

  1. Add possibility to colorize faces (see animation below).
  2. Colored faces can be exported to STEP format now.
  3. Add zoom in/out with Ctrl+Up/Down keys in Tcl console.
  4. More parameters are now available for configuring objects via parameter editor.
  5. Enrich the available set of Tcl commands.
  6. Add finder for internal locations in the part shape.
  7. Enable backface coloring for immediate recognition of inverted faces in B-Rep parts and triangulations.
  8. Improve internal architecture for use as a general-purpose CAD platform.
  9. Add more commands for interactive reverse engineering.
  10. Bugfix.

Download Analysis Situs 0.3.1 on its project page.

You're welcome to share your ideas on the demanded new features. And your feedback on using the software is welcome as usual.

Analysis Situs is a non-commercial FOSS-project driven by scientific research of its authors in Lobachevsky University of Nizhny Novgorod. Analysis Situs is a CAD inspection utility which also serves as a prototyping framework for geometric modeling algorithms. You can download the latest version here. The comprehensive project documentation is available at